Thursday, August 20, 2015

Clay Today Golf Article 08/21/15

Here's the Clay Today article by Randy Lefko about young golfers in the Orange Park/Fleming Island area. We spoke for a few minutes, so amazed he wrote such a long article! We will clarify a few things about AA's story: she has been with us almost seven years, it is true about not being outdoors or feeling grass while in China orphanage, but when we took her to the driving range, was not her first time on grass, we did it to help her get used to being outdoors, also her Coach Doug Cody DID teach her EVERYTHING about the golf game; her swing, the rules, manners, etc) and lasty, Ford does most of the caddying but Maria caddies for her in most any tournament that FGA is attending (mostly higher level tournaments). We spoke about her current coaches and gave him the information afterwards and since her current training didn't make the article, here is the credit where credit is due!
Local Coach Kathy Nyman, FSU graduate and Rain Girl Golf Inc founder (Deercreek); Caddie Maria Castellucci (Graduate FSU, Pro-Golfer and Child Welfare Professions) and Coach Jason Voigts CEO/Owner of Foundation Golf Academy, Orlando (Orange County National Golf Course).

Barbara Jo Ford-Coffee Congratulations that is awesome
BeLinda Parks Awesome!!!
Brian-Melinda Decker That is so awesome! Way to go AA!
Aunt Candy Kennard Garska That is awesome she will be a pro one day!!!!!
Dana Reynolds Awesome!!!
Danny Foye Good for her. Blessings to all of you.
Donna Rygiel This is awesome!
Elaine Koerbel Moyer You must be so proud of her!
Eric Coultoff Awesome! Well done.
Frankie Quinones Wow!! Congrats. First of many more to come I'm sure. Blessings.
Cousin Jamie Stone Way to go!
Janet Marcil Boucher Very cool!
Janice Gray Martin Wow, impressive!
Janice Scharf- Felsher Wow, I just love reading this!!
Coach Jason Voigts She did have an incredible summer and it's only the beginning. Great job AA; what a great article. So proud of you.
Jay Hardy Keep up the good work!
Jennifer Maurer Staples Awesome!! Congrats!
Julie Ann Morris Wow. That's awesome
Kerri Schaeffer-Mawhinney Awesome Alyzabeth!!
Kevin Murphy Wicked awesome!
Kimberley DeGroff Girvin Awesome!
Sister Leaa Morgan Cruce That's awesome!
Liana Keller Jenkins The first of many to come! Congrats!
Linda Kay Bell That kid is going places there is no stopping her
Liz Nguyen-Chao So proud of her!
Lynn Shipley Congratulations AA and family. Very nice article.
Caddie Maria Castellucci That's great!! Great interview.
Michelle Dix Raines Nice!!!
Michelle Fizzard Awesome!!
Nikki Vavreck Tuttle Proud of you AA!
Pam Davis I finally got to see the article .... So cool! Alyzabeth works very hard and it is so awesome to see her progress and what she has been able to achieve. Can't wait to see what he future holds for this amazing little girl! 💕
Pam M Thurston Congrats AA
Aunt Patti Caton Wow!!!! Congrats AA!
Pennie Wilson McGuire Wow! She is off to a great start. Keep up the great work.
Cousin Rhett Morgan A Morgan making headlines. Love it.
Sammi Davis Hatfield Proud momma and poppa!
Sharon Register How exciting!
Shawn Grindstaff Kavanaugh Rock on!!!!
Aunt Sheri Patterson Boy that page will be a keepsake for sure. That is awesome article, the inside is something else. She's going straight to the top.Just sit back and watch!!!!!!
Stephanie Higgins Way to go! Wow!
Susan Heath Very exciting!
Susan Reitano Rizzo She is amazing
Aunt Terri Cobb Stone A. A. First interview! Can I get an autograph too! Congratulations!
Tina Piper She is super!
Tracy Burnside Neptune So impressive!
Cousin Wendi Baker That is so awsome! Way to AA and to the both of you getting her to practice and tournaments.
Wendy Chang Norris Way to go!!!!

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