Saturday, August 15, 2015

Back to School - Meet AA's Teacher! (and new dinner recipe)

We shopped for AA's back to school supplies, went to Barnes and Noble for her to buy some new books (thank you to Aunt Patti's gift) and lastly haircuts for all three of us. Busy Friday morning!

In the afternoon, we were ready to go to OPE and meet AA's 3rd grade teacher. Mrs. Dougherty seemed personable and AA knows many of the kids in her class.
The sun is in her eyes - outside her classroom:
They went off to golf and I made dinner. I found a Rachael Ray magazine at our hair shop, borrowed as there were many recipes with only five ingredients. I cooked this one and everyone loved it - I added some chili oil so was extra spicy (not hot heat, nice warmth to it).  Of course, Winn-Dixie didn't have all the ingredients; we only shop there as it is so close to home. Next time only Publix!
Surprising, shrimp with cucumbers:
So easy, especially when I buy the frozen already cooked shrimp on sale (BOGO!).

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