Thursday, August 13, 2015

Back Home!

We left Maine on a cool Monday morning; drove until Wednesday at noon.

Good-Bye Maine Family!
Stopped at Woodbine Farmer Market - nice with a bakery and large play ground:
At home, dropped off the 1987 Harley Davidson for it's "check-up":
A book I "took" from my Mom's garage to read; a bit old fashion and too much drama - get this, with three brothers fighting over one gal!
Homemade treats we bought at Woodbine:
Golfing on Thursday, our first full day back at home - went to the World Golf Village, met with Coach Jason then had lunch (treated by AA's gift card she won at the last NFJG event); sporting her new prescription Ray-Bans:
We decided to see the PGA Golf Hall of Fame - way exceeded our expectations!
Past Hall of Fame Exhibits:
Many ways to swing a club inside the Hall:
View from the tower:
We need to go back to the Hall of Fame, way too much to see and do in a couple of hours! We didn't get to the Hole Challenge and the 18 Hole green course.

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