Monday, July 06, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf Foundation - Jacksonville Local Tour - Windsor Parke Golf Club

The day started with Hubby buying the Titleist golf balls and then to church. After a quick early lunch, it was a 35 minute drive to Windsor Parke. The day was threatening storms but held off until about the sixth hole, when the winds and thunder was going on all around us. We rushed a bit the last few holes, then the ninth and last hole, we were seeing lightning. We did make it into the clubhouse before the rain downpour but what a rush! AA used the wrong club and in our three-some, all took at least one extra stroke trying to get to safety (the horn blew as we were approaching the last green, so double rushing to get to safety). We were so glad not to have to wait out the rain delay! Practice chipping:

Last hole - everyone was scrambling to get to safety. Glad we finished!
Scoring table; was a bit delayed as everyone was checking to see if all arrived inside for the weather delay. The skies opened and poured!
AA did fine winning, but had a bad hole (landed in the water), so her score could have been lots lower. We enjoyed playing with first timers - Emma and Ava.
Blurry photo of her receiving her champion medal:
The 8 - 9 year old girls - Top 5 (with a tie - 6 girls):
Will see this group again next Sunday!

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