Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Independent Eye (Strabismus)

What is Strabismus: Sometimes called “crossed-eyes” or “walleye,” strabismus often begins when a child is very young and is usually the result of a problem with neuromuscular, including brain, control of eye movement, or less often, the actual eye muscle.

From Facebook on the 13th, when we announced that AA has an eye disorder. Ford said he had noticed it a few months ago and I had always said that her left eye didn't seem to follow as closely to her right eye. At the eye doctor, they showed me how they confirmed it; and I saw for myself. I hope all can be corrected without surgery.
Facebook: Putting AA to bed tonight, we were sitting on her bed, each of us on either side of her. Saying good-night, she said I can see you both! Well, funny to us as she was recently diagnosed with disorder Strabismus, her right eye sees independently from her left eye. Somehow her left eye has become extremely strong over the past three to four months and basically told her right eye that it can wander and look in a different direction. Anyone else has experience with this? Her specialist appointment is in a week.

We received several replies including from my Mom as my sister Terri had "lazy eye" and had it corrected when she was very young. We also heard from several families about how this was corrected with surgery, but when their children were much younger. AA's is not lazy or crossed; it works totally independent; usually can be corrected with glasses, but she already wears glasses, so off to a specialist for us. 
We will know more after her appointment.......


Briana's Mom said...

I have an acquaintance that had her daughter (also from China) diagnosed several years ago with Strabismus. I'm thinking she was maybe 3 or 4 years old at the time. Her daughter had surgery for it and she was completely fine afterward. Never had another issue!

Melissa said...

Hi, it'smelissa S. Our youngest has strabismus. I am not on Facebook so just read this here. He did patching, but it didn't help so he had surgery and now wears glasses. Feel free to ask me any questions.