Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Movies - "Inside Out" and "Minions"

We decided to see Inside Out and forgo Minions. From the reviews, Minion didn't seem like a good choice. But later we reconsidered, showed AA the reviews and let her choose. Which we knew she wanted to see it. So Daddy took her. She rated Inside Out as a 7; Minions, a lowly 3!
Meet the little voices inside your head:
What I wrote on Facebook: AA rated it a 7 of 10. She said that it would be fine to watch again, but wouldn't be a favorite to watch over and over. I liked the concept of the movie and how "joy" should be at the controls and how sadness can lead to joy.
Hoping some better movies for kids come out soon!

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Catherine said...

We chose Inside Out too and enjoyed it. Have chosen to pass on Minions. Glad AA enjoyed Inside Out!