Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pinehurst - U.S. Kids Golf Foundation - Opening Parade of Countries

The Worlds Country Parade was so crowded last year, and no change this year! We ran into the Raines (Ohio) family, Amelia Cobb family, a few Orlando families - Coultoff and DeWitt's. Also, walked part of the parade with Tyler Mawhinney from Eagle Harbor. We saw Zoe Duval and her Dad, plus the Tori Mouton family. We saw Phillip in the parade, but I didn't get a photo so stole his Mom's from Facebook! We have yet to see the Fleming's, Douvey's, Dunham's and Chao's. Since we all play on different courses, it is hard to all meet up.
Amelia with AA in front of the American Flag:

Phillip, in the parade, Champion 2014:
Watching from Daddy's shoulders:

The bag pipes:
Finally moving forward - follow that USA flag!
The OHIO group - loud and proud!
Tori trying the bow and arrow game:
Everyone is ready to get this tournament started!

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