Friday, July 31, 2015

Pinehurst Kids Golf Worlds - Opening Round 1 Completed! AA Rocked a 37!

9 Holes • Longleaf Golf and Country Club - What a HOT day! With a R1 afternoon tee time, we were guaranteed a blistering sunny day.
As spectators, we were able to seek what shade the course afforded; but by the 7th Hole, I felt heat stroke coming on! AA and Caddie Maria labored on, doing great. AA played well!
We have cooled our bodies, drinking even more liquids, ready for Round 2 - Tee Time 10:21 am.
Hole #1 - Hearing the rules, ready to play with Megan MENG
Lawrenceville, NJ and Chanelle WANGARI, Nairobi - KENYA.

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
Ninth Hole:
Scores and R2 tee Times:

Foundation Golf Academy - Congratulations to Alyzabeth Morgan whose steady play earned her a one over par 37 and a spot in the top 10 after the first round of the US Kids World Championships. AA was one inch away from an eagle of the 6th hole which was incredible. FGA is so proud of how you stayed focused in the 100° heat. Good luck in Round 2.
Other Facebook comments: Sheri Patterson You can do this sweetheart, GOOOd luck!!!!
Ann Caton Cobb Pretty awesome in this large field of eight year olds.
Terri Cobb Stone Incredible, great play, good luck for R2! 

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