Friday, July 31, 2015

Pinehurst Kids Golf Worlds - Friday - R2

Round 2 - Right before heading out to Hole #1, Coach Jason and Caddie Maria (follow #fgaalltheway):

AA's partners today were: Christiana LEE, Loxahatchee, FL and Sarah SHAO, Green Brook, NJ.
We are using Kathy Nyman's Rain Girl umbrella, great for shade; very much needed these three days. No rain in sight! She seems to be doing well networking to get her girl's rain golfing gear and ladies rain wear out in the golf marketing world - check out raingirlinc.
Ninth hole chip that ran away:
Tallying up the final score:
At the end - AA, Christiana and Sarah:
First time I saw a sign about girls can keep their shirts out (not tucked in). The official rules that are handed out say all kids shirts must be tucked in.
AA did pretty well, missed a few birdies, two that actually went in the cup, lipped and came out. There was a strong wind and the course seemed to play harder. The Hole #9 bogey was a good save but still a bogey. With a score of 40, she dropped to 12th position. Ten girls all bettered their scores except for the threesome in AA's tee time. Strange!
Tomorrow is the third and final day and we know AA will play her best! Hoping she will play back into the top 10!

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