Tuesday, July 14, 2015

North Florida Junior Golf - World Golf Village - Round 1

Occasionally, we enter AA in the local PGA sanctioned events hosted by North Florida Junior Golf Foundation events. They are very well run and challenge AA as the distances are closer to 2500 - 2600 yards for nine holes. Round one was very hot (Monday); as would be expected. Drinking lots of Gatorade and water at each hole. AA played well, her score was "average" at 49. She had at least three tap-ins that if had gone in.... and a few short second shots that if..... Well, you get the picture. She is playing well so hoping that Round Two (Tuesday, 07/14/15) goes even better! She is in third place of four kids (three boys - Phillip, Rocket and Avery). 

Keeping in the shade as much as possible, the kids have to walk the entire time, no riding in spectator carts in between holes!
We joined the twosome in front of us at the fourth hole, so was an enjoyable round and no waiting.
More walking:
Ninth Hole:
The kids had lunch afterwards, and we had the adult burger plate that was delicious! Day One/Round One in the books!

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