Wednesday, July 15, 2015

NFJG - World Golf Village - Slammer and Squire - Round 2

Round 2 - tee time at 10:22 with the three "Foundation" boys; NFJG joined us together as a foursome.

Today, AA did very well for the first three holes, beating her score by two strokes from yesterday. In total, she had three bogeys and five double bogeys yesterday; then today, had six bogeys, one double bogey and the horrible Par 5 - triple bogey (total 13 strokes over versus 11 over today). She was strong today with five over in the first six holes (then went six over in the last four holes - yikes!). I guess I should just take a picture of her scorecard!
Walking between holes:
She made some great shots today, had a strong swing, including her chip on the 9th. For 2500 yards, she did great. Her Caddie Maria texted... "really far distances, sounds like she is handling the challenge well". And as we have said many times, these are wonderful tournaments; mainly for older youth - age 13 to 18. 
Last hole, marking her ball:
The End!! Shaking hands..... a great tournament!
Everyone did well, bettered their score from yesterday.
Phillip (7 years old) placed 1st with Rocket (11 years old) in second place. AA came in third; she did well and it was a challenge that she needs every once in awhile as a change from her usual competitions within the U.S. Kids Golf girl's age group.
We hope to play more of these tournaments this Fall; depends on the U.S. Kids Local schedule and what AA wants to accomplish this coming year.

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