Sunday, July 26, 2015

Loves Books!

She is a reader! We love that quiet time is so easy for Alyzabeth. She can read 250 page books daily.
So far this summer (since school was out), she has read The Guardians of Ga'Hoole series, the following series by the same author (Lasky) called Wolves of the Beyond (21). Now she is reading one based on cats called Warriors into the Wild. Who knew? She also reads every new Tree House book, we pre-order them so get surprises in the mail occasionally. They have the "Fact Tracker" series that is interesting too.
We are leaving on a driving trip so decided to buy some books rather than take lots of library books; this will keep her busy some of the time! I found a 4th Grade Summer reading list and used it as a guide (she is going into 3rd grade and reads above a 5th grade level).

Of course, she couldn't wait to start one of them! I even found a silly book to read for me - Longbourn; a book written about the Bennett's by the "downstairs staff" (based on Pride and Prejudice); a Jane Austen style book. Fun!

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