Monday, July 13, 2015

Local Tournament - Cimarrone (St. Johns County) 07/12/15

Yesterday (Sunday - 07/12/15) the Jacksonville Local Golf Tournament was at Cimarrone where she had a practice round with Tori last week.
First, Caddie Maria presented AA with her first charm for going under par (at Georgia States). Now she has a bracelet to add more golfing charms! Thank you!

The first hole seemed fine (tee 4:30 p.m. - which is NOT our favorite time to start a round), but then the rain delay began with a pretty intense afternoon thunder storm. We were back on the course playing at 6:55 p.m.
AA had a bad hole and then the attitude dropped significantly! She didn't seem to want help from her Caddie Maria and chose to slump through the last half of the round. She placed second but it wasn't a fun time! With the rain delay and late evening round, she was tired but her attitude was not acceptable. We had a late night chat and more the next morning explaining about what we saw her do, what the purpose of her Caddie was...etc. I think we are back on the right track. It seems that with our 8 year old, some restating of life's rules and her choices is in order! (she woke up Monday morning with a great attitude and our happy child was back! - she is not good when tired/lack of sleep!)
Rain delay - AA had selected cute stuffed animals and matching T-shirt (in photo above with charm) for Bryn; we were to see them at one of the U.S. Kids States and it was a little surprise for their trip together; but it didn't happen, so this is the first time we have seen her in months.
Playing until dark:
The end results:
Next up: Tomorrow's two-day NFJG Tournament at the World Golf Village, the Slammer and Squire.

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