Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lesson with Coach Jason and "LL"

AA's lesson was much more fun when K. Tuttle "LL" joined Coach Jason today at the LPGA International course (Daytona). AA said so herself! Lots of practicing, getting ready for the next big tournament.

Daddy and AA played a putting game before the lesson began:
Bunker practice:
Driving range; I always get great photos of their backs.
Loved chatting with Miss "LL"; added to the fun for AA!
From Coach Jason:
Jason Voigts Today was so awesome; I'm so pleased with the way they worked so hard side by side. They fed off of each other and it was great for both of them. Each one would watch the other one hit a shot and that's what this game is all about. I loved the way AA's eyes got so big when she saw that Karoline was going to practice with her and I'm so impressed with Karoline as well. I told Karoline on the ride up that I was going to work with AA in the sand trap and she said would it be okay if I hit shots too; maybe that way we can help each other with our sand game. Today was very special to me because of the character that two of my students showed for one another. One looks up to the other one with big eyes like wow that's really her; the other one just wants to help and has no clue at all that she inspires others. FGA is so lucky to have players like these two as well as all of our players that want to be the best, but also want their teammates to be the best as well. 
Thanks so much for all the work Coach Jason does with his students!

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