Sunday, July 05, 2015

Happy July 4th!

After arriving home from the Florida State Golf Tournament, we have stayed low, so to speak. Catching up on our sleep and relaxing while doing household chores, laundry, cooking home made meals again. I worked my planned three days this week and we had the truck repairs made, an oil change in the Subaru and Ford's annual medical physical. Thursday, we went to the River House for a glass of wine and popcorn!
Friday we followed Carolyn to her storage unit and now have her freezer in our garage. Once we renovate our kitchen, we will have our old refrigerator in the garage too. Love having the extra cold space!

On Saturday, the 4th of July, we roasted several whole chickens and bought some drinks for the Forte family; they just had their fourth child last Tuesday, a daughter, Emily Kathryn, born almost 9 pounds! 
Then it began to rain. From noon until almost five o'clock. To pass the time indoors, we built one of AA's last unfinished Harry Potter LEGO sets - Gringott's Bank.
Fourth of July turned out wet. We had planned to go to the Cabana, pool and the Club BBQ; then the fireworks! The rain stopped around 5 p.m. so we enjoyed the buffet BBQ and fireworks with Carolyn. AA and Carolyn had a painted shooting star on both their arms and AA selected a horse balloon!
Ice cream after dinner:
Fireworks (Moosehaven/Orange Park, FL)
Our "shy" guest - actually the flash from the camera about blinded them!
The next day - Sunday the 5th - Hubby made a deal on Craig's List for some slightly used Titleist golf balls, Pro-V1; best way to buy and get a good value! AA will begin using these in practice to see if they help improve her game. Hubby got to chat with the seller, found out he works at the World Golf Village and we know some common golfing friends. Small world!
Later on Sunday (5th), AA is in the late summer Jacksonville Local U.S. Kids tournament at Windsor Parke.

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