Tuesday, July 28, 2015

First few Days at Pinehurst - Worlds 2015 Part 1 Practice Rounds

We arrived in Pinehurst on Sunday late afternoon, not a very long drive, but with a few stops and lunch, it took us 7.5 hours. We love the little rental house we found at the last minute. We reserved a hotel room, but were so fortunate to find a house that was just coming back on the market to rent by the week. So much room and a large back yard (and less expensive than a hotel). 
Love having the extra space and full kitchen.
Monday morning was the first practice round. Coach Jason and Caddie Maria will be with AA all three practice rounds, then they will be running to the other four student each day. 
Day 1 Practice (Tee time 10:24):

Coach Jason and Maria's car: AA is in the upper left corner; other FGA students here: Karoline, Samuel, Shawn and Aaron.
Monday night we had some people over (Coaches Jason and Maria and Tuttles) for a spaghetti dinner; all was good except for the tiny dining area and a thunderstorm rolled in just as we were going to eat! The outside deck is great, and that is where we were going to spread out, so all ended up in the crowded tiny eat-in kitchen. 
Day 2 Practice Round - Tuesday (Tee time 07:32):
AA driving the cart.
Practicing from the bunker/sand trap:
Ninth Hole:
Good round!
This is from Jason (via Facebook): What an amazing practice round by AA & caddie/coach Maria Castellucci. They make an incredible team I had the privilege of driving them around, well AA actually did the steering.

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