Monday, July 20, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf - Fernandina Beach 07/19/15

The tournament began well with AA making par on the first three holes (two were long - par 5's). We had a good group with Parker and Alexa. We moved at a great pace, no waiting and got to know these two families better. Nice group! By the 8th hole we knew the thunderstorm was moving in, so rushed a bit and then really scrambled on the 9th hole to get it done (she bogeyed both holes, bad break!)! The three other 8 - 9 year old girls only finished the 6th hole! 
Hole #1:

Having a great day but so HOT! One of the hottest days this summer:
Ninth Hole (Alexa putting):
Four over (4+) wasn't great, but there were two putts that lipped the cup and a third that we could have blown in. 
Also, she had three pitch shots in the 45-50 yard range that were short and a Par 3 that should have been.... well... we won't go there. Par 3 holes should be AA's best but for some reason, she hasn't made that connection!
We waited out the rain delay, then the news of rescheduling for the groups that did not finish the minimum holes. All six girls had finished the five minimum holes, so we are good! 
Bryn placed first with one stroke better than AA through six holes. They played together during the one hour rain delay, so had some goofy time (playing on Bryn's iPads, hotdogs, popcorn etc.).

Next up is a golf lesson at the LPGA, lots of practice, the Drive, Chip and Putt contest and then off to the World's.

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