Friday, July 31, 2015

Pinehurst Kids Golf Worlds - Friday - R2

Round 2 - Right before heading out to Hole #1, Coach Jason and Caddie Maria (follow #fgaalltheway):

AA's partners today were: Christiana LEE, Loxahatchee, FL and Sarah SHAO, Green Brook, NJ.
We are using Kathy Nyman's Rain Girl umbrella, great for shade; very much needed these three days. No rain in sight! She seems to be doing well networking to get her girl's rain golfing gear and ladies rain wear out in the golf marketing world - check out raingirlinc.
Ninth hole chip that ran away:
Tallying up the final score:
At the end - AA, Christiana and Sarah:
First time I saw a sign about girls can keep their shirts out (not tucked in). The official rules that are handed out say all kids shirts must be tucked in.
AA did pretty well, missed a few birdies, two that actually went in the cup, lipped and came out. There was a strong wind and the course seemed to play harder. The Hole #9 bogey was a good save but still a bogey. With a score of 40, she dropped to 12th position. Ten girls all bettered their scores except for the threesome in AA's tee time. Strange!
Tomorrow is the third and final day and we know AA will play her best! Hoping she will play back into the top 10!

Pinehurst Kids Golf Worlds - Opening Round 1 Completed! AA Rocked a 37!

9 Holes • Longleaf Golf and Country Club - What a HOT day! With a R1 afternoon tee time, we were guaranteed a blistering sunny day.
As spectators, we were able to seek what shade the course afforded; but by the 7th Hole, I felt heat stroke coming on! AA and Caddie Maria labored on, doing great. AA played well!
We have cooled our bodies, drinking even more liquids, ready for Round 2 - Tee Time 10:21 am.
Hole #1 - Hearing the rules, ready to play with Megan MENG
Lawrenceville, NJ and Chanelle WANGARI, Nairobi - KENYA.

Hot, Hot, Hot!!!
Ninth Hole:
Scores and R2 tee Times:

Foundation Golf Academy - Congratulations to Alyzabeth Morgan whose steady play earned her a one over par 37 and a spot in the top 10 after the first round of the US Kids World Championships. AA was one inch away from an eagle of the 6th hole which was incredible. FGA is so proud of how you stayed focused in the 100° heat. Good luck in Round 2.
Other Facebook comments: Sheri Patterson You can do this sweetheart, GOOOd luck!!!!
Ann Caton Cobb Pretty awesome in this large field of eight year olds.
Terri Cobb Stone Incredible, great play, good luck for R2! 

Thursday, July 30, 2015

FGA Dinner and the KIDS!

We enjoyed dinner with the Foundation Golf Academy families! Coach Jason and Caddie Maria rock!

Wednesday at Pinehurst - Worlds - Part 4

The official practice day has come and gone. AA had a good round with her Caddie Maria. They were able to take their time and use an extra ball. We chatted with several families including Canadian Dino Borovilos (daughter Vanessa age 9), Marc, dad of Parker Jules (Georgia/MD) and Olivia Ikeda's Grandfather (FL).
Let's hope that AA's "A" game is here the next three days! She is using a new ball that Coach Jason has her trying, seems to give her a little more distance, the Volvik Crystal.
Coach Jason gave AA some PUMA slap wrap bands (bracelets) to hand out at the parade. We saved a few for her to give out during the three day tournament.

Always looking at the lay of the hole:
The south entrance to Longleaf:
AA played/practice with California 9-year old, Mimi Whang:
We have a cook-out dinner invite tonight with the FGA group and expecting Coach Kathy Nyman (Jacksonville - Deercreek) to arrive!

Pinehurst - Rental House - 108 Woodburn Road

We were fortunate to find this rental home at the last minute, right near Midland/Long Leaf Golf Courses (off Airport Road).
Side yard/deck:

Deck water feature:
Backyard - chipping opportunity! 40 yards!
The outdoor cat:
Inside (plus three small bedrooms and 1.5 baths). We only have one complaint, the eat-in kitchen is way too small for more than three people; having a family over for a meal, you must move to the outside deck, or several people are standing while eating!
A wonderful place to stay!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pinehurst - U.S. Kids Golf Foundation - Opening Parade of Countries

The Worlds Country Parade was so crowded last year, and no change this year! We ran into the Raines (Ohio) family, Amelia Cobb family, a few Orlando families - Coultoff and DeWitt's. Also, walked part of the parade with Tyler Mawhinney from Eagle Harbor. We saw Zoe Duval and her Dad, plus the Tori Mouton family. We saw Phillip in the parade, but I didn't get a photo so stole his Mom's from Facebook! We have yet to see the Fleming's, Douvey's, Dunham's and Chao's. Since we all play on different courses, it is hard to all meet up.
Amelia with AA in front of the American Flag:

Phillip, in the parade, Champion 2014:
Watching from Daddy's shoulders:

The bag pipes:
Finally moving forward - follow that USA flag!
The OHIO group - loud and proud!
Tori trying the bow and arrow game:
Everyone is ready to get this tournament started!

Pinehurst Worlds 2015 - Registration Tuesday - Part 2

Registration went smooth, signing in, reserving a spectator cart, photos taken; plus posing outside beside the Payne Stewart statue, the Putter Boy statue and the demo day (trying longer clubs).

Payne Stewart pose, an annual tradition:
Trying out the longer clubs; looks like she won't have a problem moving up to them after Pinehurst:
Caddie Maria told us about her sister's plaque (Vanessa) for winning the Junior North-South Championship - 1983, AA could barely reach it to point:
We learned about the Putter Boy:
And AA's tee time for Thursday:
Ready to WIN!