Saturday, June 13, 2015

US Kids Golf - Georgia State 2015 Championship June 11/12

We traveled to the Georgia State Championship, at Orchard Hill, Newnan, run by the U.S. Kids Golf staff, this was our first. AA has played in the Florida State but felt she needed more tournaments during the summer to keep competitive. With no Jacksonville Summer Tour, she needs to keep playing either with other US Kids groups or the NFJG, etc. 
Wednesday - The practice round on The Rock Garden went very well with Caddie Maria. Of course, allowing AA to drive the golf cart is a sure way to keep her motivated!

The greens were fast and not flat, lots of hills with uphill approaches. Thank goodness the two water holes were not a big threat to AA.
AA is applying the break while Caddie Maria is already out and heading to the clubs!
Thursday - Day one of the tournament, paired with Gracie Grant (FL) and Zoe Duval (GA). We played with Zoe at Jekyll Island. Hole #1:
Ninth Hole: Shaking hands; AA had her best round to date as an 8 year old - a score of 38 (two over).
Scoring table where we find out that she was tied; two tied in first place with 35's; and AA tied with another with the 38:
Friday - Day 2:  Morning practice:
Walking and eating her daily apple:
Last hole with threesome Staci Pla and Tiffany Chang:
Rare moment with Jason and Maria in a HUG!
Photos while waiting for the final scores to be posted:
Posting...... drum roll (we thought she placed third....):
Tied for second! Yahoo!
Green status for another year!
Winner Gloria - so cute when asked to speak:
The happy FGA Staff - with five kids traveling from FGA - two 1st places, one 2nd place, and a 7th and 9th.
First place winner Karoline Tuttle (10 - 11) and Aaron DeWitt (Boys 8); photo with Coach Jason and owner Foundation Golf Academy in Orlando:
With trophy right before getting on the road home and what I posted on Facebook: In Alyzabeth's words, "Now that was exciting"! Second place finish in the Georgia State! Plus her best round ever, a 34 for nine holes!! Thanks to Super Caddie Maria!
And AA also said on the way home - "I am glad that is over with"!!!
Trophy for runner-up:
This was an exciting time for Alyzabeth; scoring her lowest round ever with a two-under 34!
Comments on Facebook, from Day 1 and 2:  
Catherine Hollaway Good luck AA!
Mia Abner Morge Wish we were there! Good Luck AA!!
Liz Nguyen-Chao Go AA!!! Go get them! You rock!!!
 Vivian Kotler Masson Good luck AA!
Dawn Minney I love seeing all these photos of AA playing but a video would be pure magic. 
Lynn Fenchak Dunham Play well!!
 Jordan Wilhelmy Go get em girl. Long and straight.
 Ann Caton Cobb  (thumbs up!)
Sheri Patterson I am so proud of her, she don't know she has a (great-aunt, be sure an tell her, I am rooting like all getout. Good luck angel!!!!
 Patti Caton All the best AA!!! Have fun and a great game!
 Jordan Wilhelmy We want it live. Stream it.
 Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan She did well, first time as an 8-year old in the 30's. She shot a 38; will see what tomorrow brings! 
Brian-Melinda Decker Fantastic job AA!!!
 Ford Alyson Cobb Morgan She had the lowest round today of all the girls (8-9) for both days.
So proud of Alyzabeth Morgan who shot her lowest round in competition to date. Alyzabeth played an incredibly steady round of golf and finished with a 2 over par 38. She is tied for third going into tomorrows final round at the US Kids Georgia State Championship at Orchard Hills Golf Course. Way to go AA!!

 Tim Dunham Congrats!
 Liz Nguyen-Chao Congrats!!! Great job!
 Sheri Patterson Congratulations, Angel girl, your living your dream, I can tell. Watch out World here I come.!!!!!!!!!!

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