Friday, June 26, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf - Carolinas - Day 3 - The Result - First Place!

Tuesday/Last Day (June 23rd)! The sprinklers had run that morning, so took awhile to adjust to the wetness. Same tee time, 10:00 am, with same two girls, so a repeat from Monday. It was hotter than Monday, wetter and not as many random breezes. 
Facebook: Another day, another nine holes. May AA's hard work at the range, lessons and daily practice continue to be her foundation during every round. She really does delight in a challenging round; at Brier Creek Country Club.

At Hole #1:
At Hole #9:
The final group photo:
She bogeyed the first two holes and then settled into a steady rhythm. Caddy wanted to go one club down but since the greens were fast, didn't want it to go past the cup, played it safe knowing she was good at chipping if short of the green. The other girls were competitive, everyone tried to do their best under their circumstances. Ultimately you are playing the course, to best your score. AA’s final two days score was 40 and 40; she won by 13 strokes.
Facebook: We are driving home with the 2015 US Kids Golf Carolinas State Champion for the Girls Division (ages 8-9)! Exciting! She was the youngest girl in her division and had two days of steady playing.
As the Champion, one must say a few words at the awards ceremony and AA did great! She thanked US Kids Golf and The Brier Creek Country Club.

At the end of each tournament, AA usually says how exciting but today she kept saying WOW!

Our drive home went well, needed to get home for me to go to work and for us to get ready for the Florida State tournament this Saturday. Pack, drive, unpack, play, and repeat.

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