Friday, June 26, 2015

U.S. Kids Golf - Carolinas - Day 2 - Tournament Time!!

Monday: AA played well; distance for her irons was pretty true, so helped that she was consistent with her irons. Played with two girls (Jamie Adams and Kendall Joyce), Daddy-Caddies were complimentary to girls when there were good shots, no drama, girls all well behaved, no complaining, didn't blame their Caddie. Respectful of game rules, quiet when they knew to be quiet. Straight to their ball, very attentive. 
The heat was oppressive enough that no one was jumping around wasting energy. They gave the scores when leaving the green, we didn't have to chase after anyone to confirm scores. 
AA started with birdie, she drove the ball straight so could line her up and keep the ball away from trouble spots. Very hilly, so range finder was not as helpful, lots of uphill holes. When missing, was short, didn't always compensate for the hills. 
Putting was a challenge, even a two foot tap in was not a given due to the greens not being level. Gone was our flat Florida courses and flat greens! The greens were so hard and fast, you missed the cup and the ball kept rolling. 
She played steady and finished with a four over. A few missed putts and a few short drives. She has opened up more talking, give her opinion on how hard to hit. She steps off each putt, she says if needs to putt softer or harder depending on uphill, downhill, the grain of the grass, if against or with it - thanks to Kathy Nyman for teaching AA about that!

Ninth Hole:
The scoring table: The girls were told to score each hole and to not add up the scores for the nine holes. So when we got to the scoring table all went according to the usual process; except, the officials would not let the girls write in their total score, saying it was not official until it was entered in the computer. We protested a bit, as they made the girls sign their cards with no total! How can you sign your card with no total score? Because we are not wanting to be targeted as complainers, we backed off, but will ask others about how to handle in the future.(we later found out from our Orlando Officials, that with the recent electronic scoring at the table, the process has changed. It is now the rule to enter the data, let the computer do the official total, then tell/confirm with the players their score at the table when they sign their card. That sounds fine now that we understand, but at Carolina they would not tell us the score at all).
After the official scores were written on the bulletin board, we left happy knowing that AA did well, in the lead by two strokes. 
Over all AA played well, a learning experience. The two closest competitors were the two she was playing with. Both had good skills and gave her a run for the lead. We had lunch at the cafe/grill at the club, as we desperately needed to cool down! Went to our room to cool down, do some shopping and a short swim in the indoor chlorinated pool! 
Next up is the second, last day of the tournament!

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