Thursday, June 25, 2015

On the Road to North Carolina - U.S. Kids Golf Carolinas State - Practice (Day 1 of 3)

Off we go, another US Kids Golf tournament. This time we journey to North Carolina for the U.S. Kids Golf Carolina State Tournament. A combined State tourney put on by North and South Carolina. We spent Saturday, June 20th driving to the Brier Creek Golf and Country Club, just north of the Raleigh-Durham airport. AA had a few movies to watch (that we checked out at our local library) and several books from the newest series she is reading - Kathryn Lasky, the Guardians of Ga'Hoole to help pass the time on our 7 hour road trip. 

From my Facebook Post: I took a picture of Alyzabeth eating lunch on the road, Daddy-Hubby packs good ones for AA! I hung a shirt to block the sun so dear daughter could better watch her movie Legend of the Guardians - Owls of Ga'Hooles. 
Heading to the Carolinas US Kids Golf State Tournament; we already know we will miss our Caddie Maria!

We checked into our room at Fairfield Inn Marriott complete with king bed, sleeper sofa, and two TV's!.
We also made a quick drive over to the Brier Creek Country Club, checked out the layout and began our search for a dinner place. We decided on the Carolina Ale House and enjoyed their food (Caesar Salad, fish tacos).
AA’s hotel sofa bed was the worst we have ever had; very thin, ridges throughout it, very uncomfortable. We took our comforter and the blanket for her bed and folded it into a top for the thin sofa mattress, then put the bottom fitted sheet over it. At least it was usable (of course I gave feedback to the hotel – again, we travel a lot and It. Was. The. Worst.).
We relaxed and watched the US Open, talk about controversial course conditions! The course looked like the moon and the greens were hard! We were cheering for Jordan Spieth, Jason Day (vertigo guy) and Dustin Johnson.

Day 1- Sunday was practice round day and Father's Day! We originally got the fun idea of competing in the Carolinas State Tournament with fellow golfer/friend Bryn and her Daddy; Hubby and AA were going to car pool and have a fun Daddy-Daughter three days together. Unfortunately, the Sorge's withdrew, so Mommy-Spectator came along to keep everyone company (and on track!). 
AA played a practice round with three 11-year old boys:
She enjoyed playing with three boys at 1:00 p.m. We are continuously impressed with just how polite the boys and girls are (and their Daddy/Mommy-Caddies) when meeting/playing for the first time.
Also, an advantage to the practice round is getting to see more of the greens as so many kids are putting, taking extra shots, so much more to see than if you were practicing alone.
The grass was bent grass, not the Bermuda she is used to. Played really fast, also no rain, so drier. No water hazards. The layout was fair for the kids, no big hazards to trip them up (tons of bunkers in front of the greens, very hilly). The course was well groomed.
Practice was good, during the first hole everyone was "checking each other out"; AA birdied, the 3 boys made par. They all straightened up a bit after that hole! It did turn into a friendly practice round but that first hole, the Dad's all got onto their sons!

fm - great group to play the practice round with; all the young men and their fathers were supportive and quick to compliment good shots.

Plus we complained about the HOT weather!
On Facebook, Michelle Raines had this funny to say: Oh boy!!! When the Floridians are complaining about the heat, you know it's bad!!! I would be one big puddle. lol!
Hubby had a card and call from son Justin and this message from sweet daughter Leaa: sent by Facebook message to her Daddy: Happy Father's Day to my sweet daddy. He's pretty busy these days still daddy'n it up to the littlest of our crew. Love you mucho. 
Tournament begins Monday the 22nd!

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