Monday, June 08, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015 - Banana Tree and More

We had a nice weekend with the Grands Saturday dance recital, swimming in the Winterbourne pool, I had a dinner meeting on Sunday with the VP of Development for the Children's Home; now it is Monday morning and we are starting our summer routine. I splurged one more time and made pancakes and used the vanilla maple syrup that my Mom sent us from L.L. Bean - Maine. I thought it was yummy on my strawberry pancakes; the other two persons in my household, thought the plain (real) maple syrup was better. We are out of the regular Maine maple syrup, so it will be on our Maine shopping list this August.
AA did her first day of the Summer-Bridge workbook and wrote out new goals for this summer.
We usually take a walk around our small yard and water the plants; we are still frequently watering the citrus trees that were planted in April; they seem to be doing very well, with new growth. The house came with a banana tree, we have seen one bloom and produce bananas on this Club's property so were hoping ours would do the same. As you can see, blossoms! And baby bananas! We hope that the summer season is long enough to actually harvest ripe bananas! I asked AA and Hubby what to do with them - have a banana split party - NO! They want Hubby's banana pudding! We shall see!

Very colorful!
The size of the tree and you can see the blossoms about center of this photo (below):
We also found this insect on our cocktail citrus tree - I think it may be a preying mantis so did not kill it; you cannot see its head from this angle, it is tucked downward near the bottom of the leaf. Hopefully it doesn't hurt the tree - will check on it later.
Vanilla infused Maine maple syrup:
I am unpacking a few of my treasured depression glass collection - I am storing most until after we renovate our kitchen, but had to get these out to see and use. Love E-E & Papa Cobb's glasses; began my lifelong search for cobalt depression glass.
The golfer and Daddy-Caddie are on the golf course, while I do morning chores; what a great day!

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