Sunday, June 07, 2015

Last Day of School and More!

Catching up on things going on around our little carriage home: We had a Momma bird nesting on one of our azalea bushes, hatched one of two eggs then after about a week, they disappeared; doesn't sound good for the little bird; the second egg did not hatch.

The bonsai tree that was given to my Hubby as a memorial to his Dad (by Werner and Cathy), it is thriving! We are not very good gardeners so worry about plants.... many do not survive in our care!
Our yard, still a lot of work to do, cleaning out weedy areas, deciding what to plant:
Our jalapeno plant that has survived the move:
The side yard looking toward the street; love our old oak trees:
Planting okra and caladium bulbs:
New dinner - Sirloin kabobs - yummy! I marinated the meat in olive oil, soy sauce, garlic, worcestershire sauce.....
On the grill by my Hubby Grillmaster!
AA and I stopped by the Library last Saturday and they were hosting a butterfly release for kids:
We didn't stand in line for a butterfly, but enjoyed watching:
Second new recipe, I cooked the chicken per the recipe and it came out great! Easy to mix the base, then add in the chicken. Ready in minutes; we used for our dinner over at the River House - dinner with the river view!:
Base mix (without the chicken) with the softened cream cheese:
Portable Dinner (with the required RH popcorn!)!
Kabobs leftover after dinner:
New drink - we are searching for a summer drink to have that is light in alcohol. This was tasty and you can keep leftover peach and mango in freezer (use blender, slightly thawed frozen peaches and a cup of mango juice), so are ready anytime you want to mix with carbonated "anything" and/or champagne. However, it just didn't hit the spot for our "summer" drink:
We usually drink the Freixenet Brut champagne (Spanish Cava), but found this on sale, just as good when mixed with the puree.
Last day of Second Grade School June 3rd - She's now a rising Third Grader!!
Photo taken early in morning, a little after 7 am under our banana tree. AA has lost two teeth, each to the side of her big front teeth:
Pool fun with Caleb June 4th - Grandson of Grandmother Gail (parents live on Fleming Island, he goes to Paterson):
We planted okra seeds; they are about the only vegetable that grows well during our hot summers:
Cherry tomatoes from Maggie's Farm are doing great! Growing fast, into a huge bush:
Aloe plant that our daughter and SIL gave us along with the beautiful new flower pot; finally adjusted to the new pot and is shooting up small new plants:
Another new recipe, Pasta Primavera with carrots, yellow summer squash, yellow tomatoes, orange bell peppers, it was delicious (meatless):
Photo from Food magazine, I forgot to take a picture of our dinner:
Easy to make; cut everything up earlier in the day so that only about 30 minutes needed to cook.
Happy Summer!

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