Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Days off! Saturday - Sunday - Monday June 13-15th (And Golf Girl is Growing Up!)

We enjoyed our two day weekend with nothing to do except catch up on errands, unpacking, laundry, cooking, chores......! AA took one day off from golf practice; but back out on the course on Sunday and Monday.
We enjoyed "Aunt" Carolyn visiting on Sunday, she made it a special dinner by bringing AA her favorite dessert - ice cream sundae! So many toppings! Coconut, pineapple, hot fudge, caramel, cherry topping and maraschino cherries too! Plus peanuts, pecans and whipped cream and the bananas!
We went in the pool after eating dinner from the grill - sirloin kabobs - our new favorite summer go-to easy meal! No photos to share, just a great time enjoying a quiet weekend - boy did it go by fast!

Monday - back to a routine - golfing, prepping and cooking dinner, AA doing her Summer-Bridge school work, spelling words, strengthening exercise. This week, we have hair cuts scheduled, golf lesson with Coach Jason, a River House Grill night for dinner on Wednesday, our 2002 truck annual major check up before our big trip to Pinehurst Kids Golf "World's" and the drive to Maine and back. Hoping the old truck (with mileage 250,000+) makes it one more long trip!

Our banana tree continues to amaze us - more little bananas appearing:

Monday, AA and Daddy went to buy a rubber ball to keep AA practicing her dribbling; after getting it home, the air hole broke, so returned it and decided to get a real basketball this time. All we can hear throughout the house is her dribbling now...... (we have brick floors inside).
Okra growing well:
I managed to stain one more Adirondack chair on Monday - only one more to go to complete all four!
With Hubby and AA on the road on Father's Day, not sure when and how we will celebrate; hope to see some family before then!

Golf Girl: Since the recent advance in AA's golf game, we were talking about how we see the big changes in AA's golf game from the past six months. She is stronger and adding a few pounds to her frame. She walks with confidence. She is starting to take charge of her game.
Back in early April (see post dated March 28th), she wrote out goals for this summer; one was to shoot in the 30's which she accomplished in Georgia. And regular lessons have been helping.

Walks up behind the ball now to look at the fairway like a green, ground in front of it, find target, will the ball roll to the left or right, where do you want to land the ball. She uses her range finder to get the yards to the flag.
On the green, walking off the distance to the hole/cup. Talking about how big a swing.
All of a sudden the irons changed and got different distances with each one, so she has to think about which one.
She talks about club selection with her Caddie, generally she is thinking the same one or the one nearest; very rarely over ruled from what she picks.
She used to hit most clubs the same distance, now each club has a different distance and she is consistent.
She is still working on more distance in the air with her driver, and figuring where it will land and the roll out.
At the Georgia State Tournament, as one point, AA's Caddie Maria was reviewing the putt in front of AA; AA turned to her and said "I've got this".

Next change: tee up her own ball (Caddie Maria and Daddy Caddie still does that for her).
We are excited to see her doing so well. This happens every six months or so, as once she has her next growth spurt and changes to longer clubs, it starts all over again!

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Catherine said...

AA is doing so well with her golf!

Isn't it fun to have a weekend at home to accomplish projects? Looking forward to one of those this coming weekend.

It's neat to see the things you're able to grow at home! Bananas...cool!!