Friday, May 08, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Gifts - May 4 - 8th

AA's elementary school has active volunteer parents and several who head up gifts for the teachers during the year. Some are Thankful Thursday's; some are for teacher planning days, bringing in healthy snacks for them and birthdays. 
For the end of year, a list was sent home with suggestions for what each teacher would like for the classroom. That's easy to shop for (supplies for three teachers were sent in). I looked for a cute "thank you" idea, as a small appreciation that would be easy to put together.
I found this Tickled Pink idea, using a decorative Ball jar with straw, tickled that you are my teacher gift. Here's one place to find it with item suggestions to  fill the jar or glass with (also good gift at the beginning of the school year).

Not very crafty, but easy, since AA has three teachers.

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