Saturday, May 16, 2015

School Count Down! 05/14/15

Alyzabeth's second grade classes (4) have a combined ES class; they have been studying habitats and developed a program on how to save an old outdated zoo. Each child explained what needed to be done for each class of animals and then we walked around after the program to see the new habitats for the new re-opening of the "zoo". Very good program.

Showing off their habitats:
Hadi was her partner. Mrs. Lewis (2nd Grade Teacher) asking questions (Faith, Cordelia, Ava):
Her regular class homework this past week, was to create a habitat of their choice in a diorama (in a shoe box).
AA made a forest habitat, so included owls, wolves, moose; plus a pond, rocks, shelter for the wolves and a variety of vegetation.
So very close to the end of the school year; her class schedule has nothing serious on it from now until June 3rd (isn't that a waste?? Mostly planned fun from now on). Summertime is here!

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Vivian M said...

What a lovely diorama! Hoping you all have a wonderful summer!