Thursday, May 14, 2015

Rain Girl Gear - By Kathy Grant Nyman

One of AA's golf coaches is Kathy Nyman who is developing a line of woman's sports rain wear. Kathy is the pro at Deercreek as well as a top recognized U.S. Kids Golf certified coach. 
Ford "found" her when AA's first coach, Doug Cody, was dealing with health issues. Doug felt AA needed someone to help "fill-in". Kathy continues to be a great influence in AA's golfing skills development.
Here's a YouTube video of her describing the hat, jacket and skirt along with her web site at

Kathy had a "proto-type" youth size develop for AA in blue (no pink for her!!). So cute and is great coverage for playing in the rain! The skirt goes over your golfing bottoms, easy to snap on and off, keeps you dry! The top allows for complete swing mobility and the hat fits over your existing hat or visor. Too cool!
Can't wait to see her play in it the next time it rains! Not that we ever wish for rain! :)

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Vivian M said...

Blue is definitely her color!