Monday, May 18, 2015

NFJG - South Hampton (CR210) - Golfing Winners!

Playing the NFJG Tournaments is always a challenge but so much fun to see how the young golfers meet the challenge of playing with the adult  distances. Sunday's tournament was 2500 yards for the Foundation Girls and Boys and the kids did very well. AA bested her last best score of 48 with a 47 today (only four strokes off the leaders - 12 and 10 year olds). She and Sammy didn't get to play together, yet again they tied in score, which was also Sammy's best. A huge difference from last tournament where AA was the only girl, to six girls competing.
We enjoyed being paired with Kaitlin; she didn't have the best first hole but kept focus on each hole, didn't give up and ended with sequential hole pars. She won with a sudden death play-off; so a hard earned/well deserved champion! The Chao girls and AA are the three youngest in the tournament, so to take three of the top four places - terrific!
1st photo: Starting off with the last photo of the day - our sweet, focused, talented, happy golfing daughter!

Tee time 3:38 p.m. Walking to the second hole, hot day, drinking the water:
AA started the round with two pars' which is a great morale/attitude booster, then a bogey on Hole 3. AA had an amazing shot today from under a tree (Hole 5). She discussed options with her Caddie, practiced the right swing and even with an azalea in the way, she nailed the ball onto the green. It was such a "pro" shot; made her day to make that save! She did have a few putting mishaps, and the longer holes were always a stroke longer than the older girls (up to age 13). 
From Hubby's comments: She worked the ball well with a gentle draw, good contact with her irons; tough greens and she showed control/restraint. She did have two errant shots to the right; corrected the problem - was pressing the club at the beginning of her swing which opens the club face.
Overall, many signs of her ability to play a competitive game.
Below - A few times when they had a moment to observe (in the hot sun; with cool breezes throughout the afternoon):
Ninth Hole - Handshakes with EK, KC and AAM:
The two best golfers! Sammy earned the medal for third place from a "paper scorecard" play-off. Both will receive third place points.
Kaitlin receiving her first place medal!
The top three:
The three friends: someone started tickling, so great smiles in these photos!
Still waiting to hear if there will be a Jacksonville U.S. Kids Golf Summer Tour; AA has three State tournaments in June and will possibly play one more in this NFJG summer series.

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Vivian M said...

I don't understand the game of Golf very well, but I love seeing AA playing and seeing how well she is doing! And she is always smiling. She is such an inspiration to girls like mine, who look at what AA is accomplishing and are inspired to go after their dreams too. :)