Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day - Sunday, May 10th

We enjoyed our time at the beach with daughter Leaa and other family, Christa, Cathy and Werner, Marsha and of course Jesse. We did choose to stay a short time so we could get home to watch the end of the TPC on TV - it was a great ending with Rickie Fowler winning in sudden death. The beach was great and Jesse and Christa took the kids by their hands and had a blast out in the waves!

AA dove into the largest waves so that they didn't knock her over!
Daddy-Ford hanging at the beach....
Heading back to us:
Playing in the sand:
My Mother's day gifts; a humming bird feeder to replace the ones that the Read's gave us several years ago. A cake from AA and a few cards:
Leaa baked a chocolate sheet cake, the Grands made me a bracelet and a homemade card!
A wonderful Sunday!

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Vivian M said...

Looks like a fabulous way to spend Mother's Day! Happy day!