Sunday, May 24, 2015

Miscellaneous May 2015

Catching up on some news, including the announcement of the passing of our Maine cousin, Willis Redmond.
We lost "Cuz" Redmond this month, on May 15th, he and his family were one of our closest relatives growing up; we are very close with his middle daughter, "Aunt Carolyn", who lives near us (photo of all three daughters).

 A woodpecker decided to make his presence known to us for an afternoon:
Nephew Andrew visiting my Mom (his Nana):
Grand-Dylan's Graduation photo from Pre-K:
Our neighborhood bird on the fountain in front of our home:
Pool time! It is almost summer!
A few photos of our newest Maine Grand-Niece Chloe:
And Maine nephew Chris with son Anthony:
Ford joined the River House Beer Club; attended their outing to the May 15th Jacksonville Craft Beer Fest:

Life has been good to us; enjoying our new little home, I am soon to be on the WPOA Board - our home owner's association. I volunteered and was elected at the Annual Meeting on May 16th. Can't wait to see what I got myself into!
AA continues golf lessons with Ms. Kathy (had one on Tuesday, May 19th and a lesson with her Coach Jason on Thursday, the 21st). Looking forward to the end of the school year and many golfing tournament trips!

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