Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Late April Happenings - Citrus Trees and First Golf Lesson at OCN - April 19 - 25th

We occasionally attend our favorite neighborhood's annual renewal party and this year, Carolyn was available to sit with Alyzabeth while we were out. It is an early Sunday evening party (April 19th), 4 pm - 8 pm; so not a late night! The River House is a quaint gathering place, very low drink prices for members and a beautiful location on the river; their annual party is held at the Hilltop restaurant with a nice buffet and complimentary first hour drinks.
While we were out, AA swam with Carolyn but then the thunderstorms arrived. They had dinner together, walked Fayah and enjoyed a "birthday" cupcake together (Carolyn's birthday is the day after mine). Carolyn arrived with my birthday gift, a banana tree for our yard. Most do not live this far north, but somehow, on the Club's property, there are banana plants that we have actually seen bananas growing on!

AA lost a tooth on Monday at school while eating her homemade lunch (she said while eating an olive, yes, pitless!). It is the upper, her left side:
We also took her to the Doctor's as a bug bite on her head/scalp (center part, near back/top) didn't seem to be healing. A substitute Doctor, removed a stinger and hopefully it will heal now!

We purchased three citrus trees which arrived and were planted on Wednesday (April 22nd). There will be four eventually, lime, navel red orange, a "cocktail" tree and a ponderossa lemon.
Friday, April 24, after school, we drove to Orlando's Orange County National Golf Course; Saturday was her first lesson there with Coach Jason at 9:00 a.m. We had dinner in the Cafe and spent the night which was horrible for several reasons (one was the parting young ladies staying in the room next door/loud music and others yelling at them, and a trip to the front office again to get the noise down!). The actual golf lesson went well!
 Above, practicing Friday evening.
 Lesson on Saturday:
Lots of work on her putting, lots accomplished. We then drove straight home to attend a memorial/life celebration life for Wyatt at the River House (he was always friendly, lived in the Winterbourne big house, kept up a garden, and the crab trap).
Tomorrow is Livi's birthday party!

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