Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Kilee's Second Day - Sunday

The girls went to bed pretty late compared to our usual weekend night, girls did sleep until a little after 7:00. I made Martha Stewart's Best buttermilk Pancakes and they were delicious; some with pecans, some with blueberries, and the girls wanted theirs "original", no additions. Ford made eggs and sausage, peppers and onions. After we were done, Kilee added that she likes her eggs scrambled (we fried them) and strawberries in her pancakes. Oops! Maybe next time we will get it right! She did say that it was a good breakfast.
We reserved two seats at the family-friendly Sunday Painting with a Twist as the owl painting looked rather simple. WRONG! It was a two hour class that should have been much longer. They enjoyed the painting; it was detailed even though the coloring looked simple. Next time we will look for a class strictly for kids! 

Each time I tried to take a picture, AA scolded at me! They are at that age; when other adults are around, they don't want anyone fussing at them.
Serious expression:
Almost done:
The final art work!
Alyzabeth's was monogrammed by the teacher, it was difficult to get a paint brush in the small necklace circle, so the teacher used a paint pen.
After painting, we had lunch at Taps and then went to the park as we had a few minutes before our meet-up with Kilee's mom. Spring Park was busy, getting ready for tomorrow's Memorial Day celebration. A warm day but the breeze helped, so unusual that it wasn't close to 100 degrees (only 85!)!
Poppy/Daddy with Grand-Kilee and AA.
A good time, always wears us out! Ready for home and a quiet evening!

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