Friday, May 29, 2015

End of May - Crab Trap, School, Plants, Recipe

At our favorite neighborhood bar (actually in our neighborhood!), the River House has a crab trap that was tended by Wyatt. He passed about a month ago, so we asked if we could bait it and maintain it going forward. AA got her chance to open, bait and close the trap. We did catch one blue crab, but decided to let it go after several times going to check the trap and not taking a bucket with us!

AA received the Citizenship Award this month, she has been bestowed this honor each year including the Principal's Award. This one is given to a child each month in each class, so only half receive it during the school year. We are proud of our child!
As we are tending our new little yard, more plants a blooming and we have no idea what they are!
Flower above - whole tree below:
Another plant, lower to the ground, with a beautiful but strange looking flower:
And this plant looks like an elephant leaf while small then grows taller, another mystery!
Our "Cocktail Citrus" tree is blooming!
New recipe for a pimento-goat cheese spread. I liked it, but would be easier if one bought the already prepared pimento cheese and added the goat cheese:
What a beautiful summer day! Next week is the end of school!

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