Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 26th - Livi's Birthday Party and More

Sunday: The last week in April was busy with Livi's 9th birthday party at Leaa and Jesse's on Sunday, April 26th. Leaa set up a "craft", making a tie-dye shirt; it was a hit with everyone.
Tuesday: Ford took graduation pictures at the local college GED program, run by our daughter Leaa, on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday: We had an impromptu (last minute) cocktail hour with Kenny (recovering from his second knee replacement surgery) and Pam, Ralph and Sandy. We made some appetizers and had a nice visit catching up on their family news. 
Friday: At the end of the week, we attended Matt and Dawn's House-Leaving party, due to his Change of Command orders.
Here's some photos from Livi's party:

Kilee helped AA with tie-dye activities:
Kilee climbing through the trees; I caught her after she was warned to get back to safety!
The cake and candles:
Livi is all smiles:
Family and friends - Matt, Cathy, Angie, Ian J., Amanda E.
Dylan playing inside:
 Dylan dancing to the music:
Hubby found this (below) painted dresser on Craig's List, that is going to be used for storage on our screen porch, it is long and will be great for serving when we eat outside too. After picking it up, we ate dinner at Clark's Fish camp. We remembered it was nearby, we were within a mile of it, so decided to check it out; we hadn't been there in years.
 Dinner at Clark's and all the stuffed animals.....
Once at home, we were to rinse out the tie-dye shirt; it came out really well.

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