Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Sunday - Cummer Art Museum

Enjoyed meeting Joan and Dana (from Maine) with Carolyn at the Cummer Museum. It was a beautiful day, and strolling around the gardens was very nice. We saw many collections, the British Watercolors, Reflections of the St. Johns River, and a concert - classical concert hosts Benjamin Sung in a special performance of contemporary works for the violin. Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, 829 Riverside Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida.

Carolyn and guests leaving, still looking at different plants.....
Enjoying the beautiful (if a little cool and windy) day!
We took a bit of time looking through the porcelain collection, mainly as they had a program for kids and different activities to do while viewing the collection - worked out great for AA.
Early Meissen(Germany) Porcelain, is one of the three finest of its type in the world, and the most significant of its kind in the United States. The collection encompasses more than 700 works, largely tableware, produced by the Royal Saxon Porcelain Manufacture from 1708 through 1780, with particular strength before 1756 when production diminished as a result of Prussian occupation of the city of Meissen.

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