Monday, April 06, 2015

Sprucing up the Outdoor Furniture

We bought four Adirondack chairs, a few years back, that were all made by the children/youth at the Florida United Methodist Children's Home residents. These are HEAVY, STURDY chairs! We wanted a cohesive look on our new patio area, so decided to stain all our rough wooden furniture white. We selected Home Depot's brand of deck preservative stain so the wood grain will show through (and the children's home logo).

We did one to see how it would look. Now to do three more chairs and two benches. 
If you look behind the white chair, a tree and bamboo are GONE! The tree was an overgrown weed (so we were told) and the tree trimming service came around to do the semi-annual HOA job; we asked and paid for the deed to be done! More room for the citrus trees we are putting in.
The benches were purchased locally from a retired shop teacher (from Kentucky); he is making many for his daughter's outdoor wedding and decided to sell some extras on Craig's list to cover his wedding costs. Estimating what the wood would cost, he is making about $30 per bench, maybe that's enough to break even with the total cost of all the benches he's making. Either way, he has a wood working shop set up and can turn these out in very short time. They are so HEAVY and STURDY; he told Hubby that he was worried that five adults with a combined weight, could be over 1000 lbs, so wanted them to be STURDY! We love them, so bought a second one.
The benches provide lots of extra seating that we can tuck under the porch railing and they are so wide, can set down plates and drinks on them too. Will love them more when they are white!

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