Tuesday, April 07, 2015

(Pre) Easter Family Dinner - Saturday

We hosted a pre-Easter family dinner on Saturday late afternoon. We enjoyed the screen porch even though it did reach 80 degrees. The clouds came to cool us down, but not cool enough to stop the girls from going into the pool. The pool water is about 76 - 78 degrees; the adults were happy to watch!
Marsha and Carl brought Easter goodies for the girls, a potted hydrangea for us and her handmade custom paintings. Nicole and Leaa set up an Easter egg hunt (decided to do indoors due to the sprinkles of rain); each girl had their colored eggs to find; a great idea so that the bigger girls didn't find them all before the little ones could look; everyone had the same number of eggs. Kilee was the tallest girl, so was challenged more trying to find them amongst the taller furniture. Maybe next year it can be outside.

Funny faces by Dylan and Mila:
Little Avery is teething:
Food: Ham, mashed potatoes, green beans, cold macaroni salad, deviled eggs, key lime cheesecake and my trial grape Kool-Aid cupcakes.
After the egg hunt, checking on the contents, plus a chocolate bunny from Nicole and Jordan:
Pool time:
Mila decided she wanted to sit on the sidelines and watch with her Aunt Christa:
More jumping:
Happy Easter!

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