Thursday, April 16, 2015

Fun on My Birthday - Part 2

My "low key" birthday wish was to play nine holes of golf with Hubby (we had been saying for months we would start playing together), have a nice bottle of wine and play golf with AA.
So after school, I attempted nine holes of golf with AA. She lined me up and tried to coach me; I did hit a few good balls, but nothing very encouraging! It also disrupted AA's usual practice round. I need lessons but Hubby helped me too. It is fun to play, just wish it wasn't so hard to replicate a good swing when I finally get one right!

Much more fun watching AA play!
Ninth hole (we played the front nine):
My new "used" clubs; Hubby is quite the bargain hunter on Craig's List! Plus a new "used" Callaway Big Berth 7 Heaven wood.
Gifts from my Mom, a new pair of my favorite L.L. Bean "Teva's" and a new beach bag and matching towel. Great gifts!
My cards from AA and Hubby, I received several others and phone calls from the "big" kids:
AA is into telling silly jokes - the answer is below:
Since Hubby has given up drinking coffee, our large coffee pot was not good at making 2 cups just for me. So here is my new Keurig from Hubby (it also can make 4 cups at a time with the carafe cups)! He's so thoughtful!!
Hubby baked his homemade pizza and we had a drink at the River House!
A great Tuesday with my Hubby and little daughter! (Tigger was looking for "Pooh"!)

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