Thursday, April 09, 2015

Easter Weekend and Other Stuff

Lots of little things for us to take note of this past week, and one BIG mystery! Three times we have walked around a perfectly clean outdoor patio area to find out a few hours later, there is splatters of bird poop or spit that contains a gelatinous material and lots of little seeds! Very yucky. This past Friday, I cleaned off the patio area and then worked inside the house. About two hours later, our car, driveway and patio area was covered in this fecal matter (we are assuming birds). There are plenty of oak tree limbs over our yard, so know they can roost above our home and yard. We have never seen this happen. I am determined to shoot the birds if I ever see them (kidding); but I am going to scope out the neighborhood for red berries that have tiny seeds in them and pick every one! So we have been hosing down the yard alot!

We love geraniums:
The amaryllis bulbs sent to us by cousin Beth, bloom every year!
Our Green Cove Spring Park is under going some changes: the old city building is being torn down. The pool is still there, it is very unique as the water flows through it from a spring, then overflows into a brook that flows into the St. Johns River.
We played for a while in the park, Hubby took this one of AA chasing me!
Photos from Maine: Easter Sunday at Brit and Andrews (Chloe is 7 weeks old):
Great-Nana holding her:
Proud parents!
Back to our Florida Easter Day: Walking to church service (OPUMC):
Found this hand-made bib when we were at Jekyll Island - lots of cute shops near the old Hotel (gave to Avery):
On Monday, March 30th, AA and I went to see Cinderella; it was a good movie, loved seeing some of our favorite English actors; remember to have courage and be kind!
At our neighborhood Club, the pool area received a new pool decking for the adult and teen pools. Looks nice! Also, the Cabana is being brought up to code for a food service kitchen (used to just have a gas grill in it where they cooked light lunches for swimmers).
Even though we have had many warm days, being on the river, the breeze is usually always blowing in the springtime; but just when you want a breeze in the hot summer, there is none!
Beautiful potted hydrangea that Marsha and Carl brought to us for Easter! Thank you!
That's a wrap!

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Jboo said...

Looks so pretty there! You and AA are so cute! Hope you're having a great week!