Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Easter Sunday and the Clay County Fair

Happy Easter Sunday! AA had a nice Easter basket from the Easter bunny: lots of chocolate and two new furry friends for her bed! A rabbit named Checkers and a dolphin named Flip.

We headed to the Clay County Fair after church, enjoyed watching the K-9 dog show where these "champion" dogs can catch Frisbees!
We had a sample of white beans, pickled okra and cornbread, plus the ladies gave AA an Easter cupcake!
Waiting in line for the Tilt-A-Whirl; lots of fun seeing AA's face. She is now tall enough to ride on the little kid rides. She also explored through two of the maze type "rides"; she said they were easy and boring...... So now need a friend to ride the faster rides with her!
On the large Ferris wheel:
Last ride - the merry-go-round for old times sake - still a thrill!
Then we stopped by the park and did some walking and eating some chocolate....... :)

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