Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunny Sunday! Spring Forward Sunday!

We have had a few days that were warm and sunny this winter; today was one of them. A very cool breeze off the river, but we are protected enough on the side of the house that we spend a very enjoyable few hours in the sun. We played cards (UNO), read for awhile, puttered around the yard and held a few races around our circle drive. And of course, enjoyed champagne Sunday too!

Rinsing out the bird bath; Ford also is keeping a doggy water bowl filled in the common area:
The bonsai tree sent to us by Cathy and Werner (in memory of Ford's Dad) has had a winter rest; lost all it's leaves when it first arrived but is filling out nicely now that warmer weather is here:
The pool is ready, just a little cool for us! We need to buy a floating pool thermometer soon! We usually don't jump in until late April/early May (we are wimps!).
The shared pool cabana area:
Everything is budding out!
We had a few foot races and I lost all of them - AA is a fast runner or I am incredibly slow!
Happy Spring Forward!

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Vivian M said...

I love the signs of Spring...it hasn't come here yet. :) Enjoy the beautiful weather and pool!