Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stealing Photos from Facebook!

Since so many family photos are sent to Facebook, I decided to copy a few to have in my annual blog book. So here are some February-March "happenings" from other family members.
Sweet baby Avery (born late September):

SIL Jesse with grand-Dylan entertaining:
Livi, on her way to school last week:
Avery and Mila with parents:
From my Maine family. Anthony is growing up!
A visit to Nana Ann's home:
Brandon in his Boy Scout uniform:
Above and below: proud new parents to Chloe (my Great-Niece).
From Kleinhan's cousins in Colorado; Madelene selling Girl Scout cookies, at a photo shoot with animals and beautiful model Mom:
Last two photos are of Maine - my Mom had some winter troubles; from having to hire someone to shovel off her snow-laden roof, to something falling into the dryer vent (Melissa saved the day) and lastly, the sewer plugging. Not a fun month for her!

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