Sunday, March 15, 2015

Saturday Family Party!

Leaa and Jesse hosted a family party to visit with Nana Joy and to celebrate Kilee's 11th birthday. They just installed their swimming pool and finished laying many pavers and bricks in their backyard. The kids will have fun this summer!
Dylan went right in the very cold water; Mila eventually went in for a short swim.

Justin's dog (all the dogs were begging for food!):
Grandpa Werner, Papa, keeping baby Avery happy:
Mila after her swim:
Birthday girl with her favorite red velvet cupcakes:
Grandma giving birthday hugs:
Lots of conversation over ice cream cones:
Enjoying the tree house (Kilee had friend Olivia over):
All the girls (Avery was sleeping) - somewhat serious photo:
Tickling ensued:
Photo with only family members:

Cousin Matt and wife Dawn came:
Mila with her ice cream beard:
The ladies #1 (Cathy, Joy, Leaa and Dawn):
The ladies #2:
Ladies with me!
Kilee opening gifts (L.L. Bean duffel from Great-Nana Ann of the North):
Fun family day!

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