Sunday, March 29, 2015

Orlando Spring U.S. Kids Tour Continues - Mystic Dunes

Documenting each golf tournament has become fairly routine (Saturday, 03/28/2015). Lots of great shots and then a few shots that were "misses". AA got into a bunker on a Par 3, an embedded ball, she was trying so hard to get over a waste/water area that the ball just missed low of the green, instead slamming into the vertical edge of a bunker on the edge of the green. That added three strokes to her score. Otherwise, she was hitting the ball well.
We had a few "waiting" moments: 

Ninth hole handshakes:
Caddie Maria and AA - happy this round is over!
Some of the 8 - 9 year old; AA finished 6th of 14 girls.
Two more in the Orlando Spring tour!

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