Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Monday - Horse Ride - Diamond D Ranch

We always enjoy the one hour ranch trail ride at Diamond D Ranch, very tame, walking horses only. Nana Joy agreed to ride with AA; she asked if Nana would. It was a beautiful day, almost too sunny, must get back into thinking hats, sunscreen and water whenever we go out from now on. We went from COLD a couple of weeks ago to HOT (low humidity, thankfully!).
K'Leigh was our guide and our horses were Sparky (Nana), Captain (Alyson, my second time on this large, strong horse) and Hercules (AA). AA rode Sparky for her first lesson back in October.

Waiting for the other riders to mount their horses:
My view in the line, as K'Leigh says, just like Kindergarteners lining up for the lunch line! AA was first, we were second and third.
It was difficult taking photos behind me, either I can't twist very well or turning in a saddle is hard anyway! A few skewed photos of Joy:
Beautiful day! Need to schedule AA for her next lesson!

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Vivian M said...

Ohhhh that looks like fun! Go Nana!