Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Typical Practice Round (Monday) - Eagle Harbor

02/02/2015 - I don't usually go out with the Caddy and Daughter during their "almost" daily practice round. I did today as I was off work and it had been raining, so anticipating that golf carts would have to stay on the cart path, I was useful driving it and keeping up with them or carting them between holes. It was a brisk day, the type where the morning temperature is the high for the day. After the rain, a cold front came blowing in. Some of the photos don't show it, but the northern gusts were chilly! 
If she doesn't play from the ladies tee, the yardage on the longer holes match up with the yardages for the World's this summer (200 yard Par 4's; 300 yards for Par 5's). Here is Hole 1:

Caddy-Daughter chats:
Great putting today!
Meeting up with some of the regulars - he's Ron, known to AA as the cigar smoking guy:
Ninth Hole:
All done but the handshake:
And the hugs:
Then the fun begins when Mommy paparazzi chases her!
All fun!

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