Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Golf Tournament with Challenges!

With a very irregular past week and so far out of her usual routine, we saw the impact at the tournament at King's Ridge (02/21/2015). She began strong on the first two holes then on the third hole had some extra strokes; she was so sad/disappointed that she began to cry (scored a "7"). She did come back and birdie one hole but on the ninth hole, she again ran into trouble in a bunker, very unusual for her. She had an easy chip/sand-wedge shot over a bunker but somehow plunked it into the bunker, then many extra strokes to finally get a "9" on that last hole. Even though everyone was letting her know that a few bad holes sometimes happens, she was just inconsolable.
From FGA - Facebook:
A special shout goes out to Alyzabeth Morgan today who struggled on a few holes today but still managed a top 5 finish at the US Kids Orlando Tour event at King's Ridge GC. So impressed with the way you hit your new driver today and I can't tell you how proud we are that you fought the whole way around and came back with pars and a birdie. You showed a lot of heart today and that is a sign of a true champion. FGA is one of your biggest fans.

Of course as parents, we have discussed with her about how she needs to show her sadness about losing a game without tears. She doesn't cry when she comes in second or third place. She also needs to be happy for the girls who do well. Learning and growing up at times is hard.

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