Monday, January 12, 2015

U.S. Kids Orlando - First Tounament of the Spring 2015 Tour - Harmony

Since there will not be a U.S. Kids Local Spring 2015 Tour in NE Florida/Jacksonville, we are taking AA to the Orlando Tour. It will be seven tournaments in the Orlando area. 
We have been to this course before, it is pretty good for AA. She had a few rough holes but rallied to pull out a second place finish. We forgot our good camera and my iPhone was dead; so only two photos from Ford's phone and one from the Orlando Facebook page

We are happy with her finish, Orlando is very competitive for girls, and this is eight and nine year olds. From our Facebook page:
AA won second place with a 43! (She's on the left). Good job for first time in the Orlando US Kids 8-9 year group and she's the youngest! Still need to work on those 4 putts that came within inches and two that circled the cup!

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