Friday, January 16, 2015

School Christmas Break - Reading

AA has read several books over her school break, the two longest were Heidi (from Nana Ann's collection) and Nancy Drew. Since. Will go to the library and check out book 2 of the ND series, as she said she liked it!
So, I put it out on Facebook that she liked the books and the Masson family offered to mail us Kerri's 18 Nancy Drew books for AA! All the way from Canada! Here's their blog is you wish to catch up with Kerri - Life with Kerri.

Fast forward.....AA is now reading ND Book #5 (week of January 18th).
Here's Kerri's books she sent to us!
 And I know a certain Grand who will read these after AA. 
We will pass these forward.


Jboo said...

Loved Nancy Drew! What fun that AA is enjoying those!

Vivian M said...

So glad she is enjoying them! It was one of our favorite reads too. :)